Cumstar (CUMSTAR)

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CumStar is a decentralized adult platform with video upload and nft/physical marketplace services. 18+ Content sharing platform powered by Blockchain technology.


The CUMSTAR’s core foundation is built by successful businessmen who currently operate multi-million dollar companies.


CUMSTAR has HIGH scored Certik Rating. With the audit completed in less than 5 days after launch.

The most unique, 100% decentralised NFT marketplace ever brought to the market. Less than 2 weeks away!

Live Streaming / OnlyFans type platform will follow after our NFT launch. We will have some huge names lined up… get ready to be BLOWN out of the water

Physical marketplace will be launching after live streaming! Allowing you to purchase items directly from our Stars.

Integration across ALL 3 platforms.

CumStar is CHANGING the adult industry. Low Market cap!

$CUMSTAR can be purchased through Pancakeswap.

Get on board now!



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