Welcome to Shit-Coins!

Welcome to Shit-Coins!



This is where you can  check latest coins, promote your coins, edit your details.

We do not verify that the persons listing a coin or promoting it is part of the team of a project. This is an ADS WEBSITE. Anyone might pretend to be the owner, admin, developer of a project or Satoshi Nakamoto.  

Any  personal information left here such as email or social media account will be verified by us before approving the add but we are not responsible in any way  for the accuracy of it. The only verification process is done just at registering such as the publisher has a valid email address and its automated.


Pay for a featured/promoted add  to make sure you stay on the first page.


We do not offer financial advise and we are not responsible for anyone investing in anything. We are just publishing adds. and charging people who want different projects to have a better visibility.

Ads(listings) have an expiration date. In this way we make sure that the project we list is alive and keeps contact with the holders.  If your listing had disappeared, just list again.

The main purpose of this site is actually to show that crypto can be used for payments and to give a use to our own projects.

PayPal & Crypto payment also available .


( accepted crypto will be announced here soon along with prices )







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