Tom Coin (TMC)

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Tom is the people’s cryptocurrency, and this fact is reinforced by the three pillars that indicate what Tom stands for:


The MemeTom’s meme culture is strong. Our community loves and lives for the memes, and we strongly believe that the only way to truly take cryptocurrency mainstream and ensure mainstream adoption is by leveraging the power of memes. Memes appeal to everybody: to poor and rich, to small and great, and to young and old alike. This is why the people’s cryptocurrency is a meme at heart.


CharitabilityBlockchain tech and cryptocurrency is good, only if they make life easier for us and contribute to the world being a better place. This is why charitability is a very core part of what Tom is. Tom’s core vision is to build a school in every continent first and in every underdeveloped nation of the world.



UtilityWhile Tom has strong meme culture, our utility roadmap gives us very strong fundamentals. The Tom token is the main utility token that will drive the Tom ecosystem.


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